Festival Programme

10.00am Official opening Joe Davis Ngati Hei
10.30am – 12.00pm Mills Reef Music Stage Henry Ashby
10.45am -12.15pm Mac’s Music Stage @ The Point Garland Sisters
11.00am-11.35pm New World Cooking Stage Ray McVinnie
11.00am – 12.30pm Whitianga Waterways Stage White Chapel Jak
11.50pm – 12.30pm New World Cooking Stage Aaron Gascoigne & Aaron Freeman
12.15pm- 1.45pm Mills Reef Music Stage Coral Pitcher
12.45pm-1.15pm New World Cooking Stage Nadia Lim
12.30pm- 2.00pm Mac’s Music Stage @ The Point Let’s Go Desgarrego
1.00pm-2.30pm Whitianga Waterways Stage Knights of the Dub Table
1.30pm-2.15pm New World Cooking Stage Mystery Box Challenge

Nadia, Ray vs Aaron & Aaron

2.30pm- 2.45pm Whitianga Waterways Trailer Power co Best dressed Vote & win announced
2.15pm-3.45pm Mac’s Music Stage @ The Point Tim Armstrong
2.00pm- 3.30pm Mills Reef Music Stage Joe McNamara
3.00pm-4.30pm Whitianga Waterways Stage The Vegas Brown Band